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    We know that libraries come in all shapes and sizes.  We offer small 15” square interactives, to 9 foot tall ABC whirligigs, to huge installations that can fill a few thousand square feet.


    Are you a small library?  Consider a few interactives that can mount to end panels.  We designed the interactives so you could refresh your display collection by circulating them among branches.  We don’t mind, as long as you promise to display them only in libraries.


    Are you remodeling or thinking of a new building?  We take on a limited number of partner libraries a year, to design new custom interactive installations.  We might enjoy working together to dream up some new ideas, and we have an application we can send you.


    Do you have a public art project coming up?  We’re on several public art rosters, and we might like to apply for your project.  Our team has experience involving the community in a public input process.  In fact, one of the lead designers created the teen led design process for Phoenix Public Library’s Teen Central.  We like the opportunity to help build ownership of libraries through public art.


    If you’re in town, call.  If you’re here around lunch time, you might be treated to a big salad from the garden, or someone’s fresh baked bread in our downtown studios.  You might get to see the latest designs in prototype, and there may be some kids here showing us how to play fully.  If you come in late, we’ve probably gone home to play with our own kids and read them bedtime stories.


    Sound like your cup of tea?  We’re always looking for good team members.


    Resumes are accepted at info@2burgeon.com


    See you at the library!


The Burgeon Group is the only firm dedicated to Interactive learning spaces in public libraries.


As kids, we were bookworms with strong imaginations.


We grew up to be artists, preschool teachers, craftspeople, library administrators, children’s museum directors, and designers.

We still have strong imaginations, and we use those to create works of art that double as interactive toys for kids of all ages 0-99.


We know that kids learn through play, that parents are a child’s first teacher, and reading every day prepares kids for school.  Libraries are a child’s first classroom.  Our team creates interactive learning spaces exclusively for public libraries, to meet pre-literacy skills.  In fact, we won’t sell our pre-literacy interactives to doctor’s offices (sorry Doc!), preschools, or children’s museums.


We know first-hand that libraries are magical places, filled with professionals who sometimes wear three hats at the same time while walking backwards and typing upside-down.  That’s why we design your interactives with no small parts to clean up.  That’s why we searched for 2 years for a special secret durable finish that won’t let crayon stick, and for craftspeople who would take the time to make something beautiful that you enjoy seeing too.


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